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Burner Range
Burner ranges come with a 30-inch electric cooktop with four coil burners, a ceramic glass surface, and control lock capabilities. These also have a built-in 6-inch/9-inch/12-inch triple element that enables simultaneous cooking of various foods.

Chinese Gas Range
Chinese gas range is adaptable for boiling, searing, and grilling. It gives you the flexibility you need, whether you're attempting to get things to boil, hot enough for frying, or you only need to warm some soup.

Dining Table
A dining table is a table used mostly for meals. It typically has a flat surface where food can be placed and is taller than a coffee table. Usually, wood or similar sturdy material is used to make it.

Display Counter
Display counters are a fantastic way to make your kitchen more fashionable and useful.These can also be utilised to make an area for hosting visitors. You can make your kitchen a lovely, well-organized room that is both fashionable and useful by installing these counters. 

Food Warmer
Food warmers are used for heating food items to make it simpler to consume or to preserve it. They come withtwo baskets and two double oil tanks. These make frying rapid and hassle-free. Food warmers are easy to use and maintain. 

Microwave Oven
Microwave ovens warmfood cand an swiftly cook meals. Utilizing these gadgets is quite safe and the microwaves cannot escape the oven since they are trapped within. These are incredibly useful for preparing or heating a frozen pizzain a matter of minutes. 

Kitchen Canteen Accessories And Equipment
Kitchen canteen accessories and equipment are a premium, reliable devices which are ideal for preparing a wide range of meals. These can be easily found in hotels, restaurants, weddings, canteens, hostels, and other places. Kitchen canteen accessories and equipment have a solid and durable base and are made of premium stainless steel.

Dish Landing Table
Dish landing table is a heavy duty table which is employed in the commercial food sector. It has a flat top surface that is used for food preparation or plating. This product is usually manufactured from stainless steel or another form of metal. 

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